My brain felt scrambled the day I left Berlin. After 8-days of exploring, I felt drained. The energy pulsing through this jointed city is raw, intense and inspirational; just what I have been searching for. It was with a heavy heart that I walked myself down to the U-Bahn and made my way to the airport. I will be back. And next time, I will be ready, paintbrushes in hand…

So imagine my joy when I returned to Switzerland and remembered an invitation to reconnect with a friend from home! A fresh dose of perspective and levity is just what the doctor ordered. I met up with M in her beautiful apartment she shares with her husband, K. He is German, she is American and they live in a small town in Switzerland called Aarau. They told me their love story and I shared tales from the road. We ate, laughed, drank wine, told stories, cooked, danced and drank more into the night. 


The birds across the way.

Haha. “Enough pics, Char!”

 M is an exceptional person with a good head on her shoulders. She is kind, insightful and physically hasn’t changed a bit since high school. Actually she is more lovely. She glows. 
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