Its been awhile since Ive updated my blog…Summer flew by, I got my painting studio together and moved back to Tahoe from Berlin. Only after all these months, with a day off, a slight cold, and an empty schedule have I taken some time to browse through my eurotrip photos again.

This duo at the train station made my morning. They were chatting away and giggling with their eyes closed. I was really happy I was already going in their direction or else I would have had no chance but to follow them like a puppy and take the next train. 

HAhHA Wax statue of Tiesto. Hilarious. 

I AMsterdam 🙂

Bitter Ballen and beer. So lovely. After an afternoon of walking, shopping and exploring, we checked out some art and then went over to the highest vista Chrissta knew of to have drinks and watch the sunset over the city. 

Beautiful Chrissta was an incredible host and guide. Thank you girlfriend!!

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