Bob and Sandy


I recently attended a 50th Wedding Anniversary party for our dear friends, Bob and Sandy. Bob is quiet and thoughtful with a dry sense of humor who can build just about anything with wood. Sandy is bubbly and vivacious and always makes everyone around her smile. Together they are a vibrant, intelligent, fun-loving, well-traveled couple that I love like my own grandparents. Some time ago Sandy posted a photobooth picture of them together as young kids in love, right before they were married and I thought I would love to paint it for them as an anniversary gift. Aren’t they adorable?

Young Love

Here is my version, in watercolor. I love Bob’s flat top and the look in Sandy’s eyes.

Bob and Sandy

And the lovely couple at their party 🙂

Bob and Sandy

I love you, Bob and Sandy! To another 50 years of love and laughter:) Do you have a special photograph that you would like painted for a Holiday Gift? I love doing special commissions!

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