Emily and ShakaDoo

This summer I made a special gift for my cousin, Emily’s 21st birthday. A joint effort actually because my auntie Lesley sent me some beautifully soft Lucky Brand denim jackets in the mail and asked if I could paint a Special Commission for her beloved daughter of her most treasured possession: her dog, Shaka. I had never painted a pet portrait before and jumped at the challenge. The catch was that I had to have it finished in two days! Nothing like a deadline to pump up the adrenaline!

Shaka and Emily

Im thankful I’ve known Sweet Shaka since she was a puppy, because it’s always more difficult to paint a portrait if you don’t know the subject personally. I used Glow-in-the-dark, glitter and matte fabric paint to achieve different finishes on her jacket, befitting of an active young lady. I love the way it turned out and was overjoyed to find out Emily cried when she opened her gift. I love it when they cry! 😉

Emily and Shaka

Have any special pets of your own that you would like me to incorporate into your wardrobe? I love special projects! Wearable art is so chic!

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