Feeling Blue: Ferdinand Hodler

Being home in Tahoe has really mellowed me out since this summer. I work at The BoatHouse, a lakefront bar  and restaurant right on the Timber Cove pier. All day I gaze at the lake, mountains and sky. I love the calm, morning water that reflects Mt. Tallac in its bright blues and greens. I love pale pink and lavender sunsets on clear evenings and the neon oranges and fushia clouds of the sunsets after a storm. I love the full moon on cold, clear nights in winter.

Recently, I’ve begun a new landscape art series I’m calling “Feeling Blue” as a follow-up to my portraiture show, “Seeing Red”. I am so inspired and impressed by swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler. I know I blogged about him before after I saw his M A S S I V E paintings in Zürich and now again, I cant get enough. Check him out:

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