Grandpa Jack

Grandpa Jack

My earliest memory of Grandpa Jack is playing “Jump Over the Box” when I was about three years old. Like most faint and distant memories, I’m not sure how much my imagination comes into play from the stories he and mom tell me, but I remember laughing so hard I was sweaty and thinking my Grandpa is the coolest, most fun person on the planet. The game is exactly what it sounds like; Grandpa got one of my tiny lil baby girl shoeboxes and proceeded to jump over it with Olympic fervor. He cleared it by about 5 feet and then it was my turn. I barely made it over each time but he acted like I had just won a gold medal the way he hollered and cheered. We went on like this for almost an hour, until my mom interrupted because he was “supposed to be putting you to bed.” Isn’t that just like a Grandpa? I bet I slept good that night 🙂

I have many, many fond and funny memories of Grandpa over the years; learning to ski, fishing trips, DisneyLand, “Mr. Booger Man” and most recently our wedding in Louisiana. He gave me away to the man of my dreams and made a toast I will always remember. He said:

“Marriage is about compromise and sacrifice and about splitting responsibilities 50/50. And it all adds up. Adam, you can make the big decisions and Charlotte, you can make the little ones. Charlotte can make the little decisions like where you should live, how to spend your money, what kind of house you buy, what kind of car you drive and how to raise your children. And Adam can make all the big decisions like ‘should the US invade Russia?'”

I love you Grandpa Jack. You are the still the coolest, most fun person on the planet.

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