Helmut Newton and the BaseMent

Last thursday I caught up with my new, bucket-list-blasting babe of a friend, Sunita, to check out the latest Helmut Newton exhibition at the Museum für Fotografie called “World Without Men/Archives de Nuit François-Marie Banier: Portraits”.  Newton gained notoriety shooting editorials for major fashion houses and magazines beginning in the 1960’s. His images are lavish, seductive and beautifully composed inviting the viewer into a world where women are powerful, rich, lean and aggressive with lots of bare breasts, pouty lips and pubic hair.

Helmut in action.

This makes me want to paint a life-sized, nude self-portrait with big hair and heels. Ill call it “After Helmut.” I think Ill wait til the end of summer when I have some nice tan-lines 😉

This one if Twiggy is my fave. Look at that flying cat!

After the exhibit Sunita and I parted ways for the afternoon, planning to meet up later to find some trouble, so I headed over to Kreuzberg and sat down to do some writing and sip on a Kindl in my fav coffee shop. I was soon chatted up by a some dude who told me of a black and white photo exhibition opening down the street at a hair salon/bar called the BaseMent. Perfect.  Sunita and I rolled up later that night to a small, smoky venue with what looked to be gay, necrophilic porn plastered up all over the walls. Very “Marilyn Manson meets Diane Arbus” (and not really in a good way), but the music was good, the DJ was hott and the drinks were cheap. 

 I found that “Pornceptual” is the work of Brazilian artist Chris Philips after I introduced myself to him. It felt good to speak portuguese again.

LOVE the Givenchy piercing!!

Sweet Sunita

I was most happy to meet Valentino, an adorable Italian, who like most of us artists, is a photographer that has a day job as a hair dresser at the salon in BaseMent. 

After the show we hopped along down the road to a club and danced the night away. Just a lovely little thursday 🙂 
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