Hoorige Mass!

The biggest Fasnacht party of the region is “Horrige Mass” located in Tinegen, Germany. This holiday begins the week (or 2 or 3) before lent and has different names across the globe: Fasnacht in Germany, Carnaval in Brazil, Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The celebration, however is pretty much the same: loud music, crazy costumes, flowing drinks and happy people. Our lovely group of ladies dressed as “Die Frosh Königinnen” or “The Frog Princesses” from the fairy tale The Princess and the Frog. Although it was sunny, the temperature was still in the single digits so we had to bundle up: four long-sleeve t-shirts, 2 pairs of pants, ski socks, fur-lined crocs, petticoats and long blonde wigs. I looked like a cupcake, but I felt fabulous. 

 Creepy old tradition: the burning of the witch. There are many witches and ghouls with nooses around their necks hanging in various towns, from various trees, street lamps and in some cases, front yards. The  Saturday after Fasnacht, the trees are ignited and the witches are burned, symbolizing the end of the Fasnacht season.


Captain Microwave!

On our way home, we stopped for a drink in another town, Bad Säckingen. All the action was in Tinegen, and the square was deserted. Manuel explained that it is one of the oldest towns in the region and pointed out some really beautiful architecture. One bar in the square has two entrances. Years ago, it is said that it was built so the men could drink in the morning, then watch for their wives to come out of church and bail out the back to high-tail it home 🙂


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