Hott Winter Sunset

Hott Winter Sunset. Oil on Canvas. 24″x18″. 2017.

This piece was a creative breakthrough for me. I’m pushing to paint fast and furious, to get my idea right the first (or second, or third 😉 time so I leave the work fresh and vibrant instead of overworked. Especially as a new mother expecting my second child in July, this angle of “attacking” my work is strategic because I have such little time to actually get away to paint! No time to waste.

This painting went through many iterations where I felt I had lost it, beat it too hard, worked on it too long. Then at the end when I was about to toss it and try something else, I found a way through and I love the outcome. The red and green palette is also new territory, something I hope to come back to in future works. Here is a detail:

I just sold it to my auntie who has amassed a fun collection of my works done over the years. We visited her in Oceanside recently and it was so cool to visit old paintings I had forgotten about.  I joke that in 25 years some major museum curator will contact her to borrow her collection for a retrospective in my honor. A girl can dream, right?

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One thought on “Hott Winter Sunset

  1. Beautiful, and brilliant – vibrant does not do justice. It seems to lack the extraordinary detail of some of your former works, but more than makes up for it with a feeling of Godliness. It feels like creation.
    Your favorite GPJ

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