Karlheinz Weinberger

Today I went to the Museum Fur Gegenwartskunst Basel to see a special exhibition by Swiss photographer,  Karlheinz Weinberger. In the 1950’s and early 60’s, a small group rebelled against the post-war Swiss ideal by emulating tough-guys from American culture like Elvis, James Dean and Brando. The youth, called “Halbstark” created their own studded and embellished outfits using jeans, chains, leather, fringe, horseshoes, bullets, studs and whatever else they could find. Tough. Cool. They had attitude. They had style, even if most of them looked like gay cowboys. Most of them weren’t violent. They weren’t criminals, they just wanted to rebel against their parents ideals of conservatism, make out with their sweethearts and ride around on motorcycles…
I loved this show. Afterwards, I tromped down to Marktplatz, drank a beer and looked for a cute, tough dude on a bike to whisk me away…but I rode the train home instead 😉

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