Keukenhof Holland

On the last day of my incredible weekend with Chrissta and Bas (I know, Im going backwards, just cant wait to bust out these gorgeous flower pics!) in the Netherlands, we visited the Keukenhof. Translated it means “kitchen garden” and is essentially an enormous park devoted to various types of bulb flowers and greenery. Bas explained to me that the Netherlands supplies the majority of world’s flowers and bulbs! Amazing.

The air was still chilly and the sun was peeking in and out from behind the clouds. Most of the bulbs were still underground or just beginning to flower, so the majority of the action was inside the greenhouses. 

Fringe-y tulips. SO eighties 😉

These were HUGE.

These smelled SOOO goooood. Actually the soft fragrance from each greenhouse was different. So soothing. Next time Ill bring some blankets and just camp out in the flower beds for a nap…

Lovebirds: Bas and Chrissta

Doing my best “Japanese tourist” pose. 
These were so interesting. They looked like plastic.


Happy Easter xo

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