Mad Handsome

Over the past couple months I have continued to experiment with WEARABLE ART using non-toxic fabric paint on a variety of different clothes and I must say, baby onesies are my favorite. I love fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously and clothes for babies really take the cake in that department. My motto when designing is: “the more absurd, the better!”. More glitter! More neon! More glow in the dark! I love when customers send me pictures of their babes wearing my art. It really gives me so much joy.

Especially my little model pictured here, Maddox. He is such a soft, chunky blessing of a being. So good natured, alert and loving, I pray my future babies are as sweet as he!

Jelly Fish



Maddox really rocked the Seahorse onesie so I decided to leave it with him as a gift. Even after he grows out of it, I think it will look beautiful framed in a shadowbox and hung on his wall. It is art, after all! I spend about four hours on each piece and all are hand done from start to finish. I also pre and post wash them to make sure every thing is color fast and soft.

Sperm Whale


Alien Orchid

Im really digging this Under the Sea vibe I’ve got going on, (I have some Angler Fish and Mermaids in production:) but always welcome custom orders. What would you like to see me do?

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