Portraiture :)

Ive always been fascinated with drawing people, especially their portraits. Something about trying to grab a silly quirk, bloodshot eyes, crooked smile or hairy mole that makes me giggle, makes me feel more human, and connected to the people around me. We all have our flaws, our insecurities, our body parts that we aren’t the most proud to show off as well as the ones that make us feel beautiful and special. I like to highlight this duality and smash it down on paper as quickly as possible.




Dani und Manny


Someone once told me that artists are the recorders of history…and Im gonna be recording some history today with my $5.00 per portrait booth at the SKI RUN FARMER’S MARKET from 3-8 pm!! 🙂 Sweet Haley Davis drew my portrait last week at her booth but shes tied up with all the celebs today at Edgewood so Im pickin up where she left off. Come see me yall!!

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