“Seeing Red”

Culminated from my recent experience in Switzerland/Germany 2012, I had my first solo art show in September titled “Seeing Red” 🙂 I made 5 new pieces, and showed 2 others from my last semester of college that I felt went nicely with the theme. The show was a great success for me because it allowed me to view my work together and, due to the large space, from a distance allowing me to process my work differently than I was able in my small studio. Looking forward to new work!! This cold, Berlin weather is quite inspiring!!

Ryan. Oil on Canvas. 72″ x 40″. 2011.

 Crystal. Oil on Canvas. 30″ x 40″. 2011.

Selim. Oil on Canvas. 80″ x 66″. 2012.

Ava. Oil on Canvas. 24″ x 18″. 2012.

Oliver. Oil on Canvas. 48″ x 36″. 2012.

 B. Oil on Canvas. 48″ x 60″. 2012.

B and Brooke. Marker on BFK. 22″ x 30″. 2012. 

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