Sonne is Shining in Schlachtensee!

Today was the fourth consecutive day of not-a-cloud-in-the-sky sunshine and I am loving it.

I met up with Natalie in Schlachtensee, a neighborhood in western Berlin known for expensive houses, old people and an icy lake.

Everyone was out for their daily dose of vitamin D. 

 We found some rope swings. I bet this place really pops off in the summer.

After our walk around the lake we picked up baby Johann from daycare. 

 Loving this architecture.

 We also picked up Johann’s older sisters, Greta and Louisa, from kindergarten and made our way back to the house. Natalie has been an aupair for this sweet family in Schlachtensee since August 2012 🙂

Baby booger kisses.

Afternoon snack 😉

Coolest bed ever! Greta is one lucky five year old. 

 Im also really digging the color palette of this house with the cool grays and purples and light, sage greens. Something to thing about for my Mama’s place in Tahoe that we will remodel this summer.

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