Special Commission: The Goldenbergs


A couple years ago, a dear friend asked me to paint a special image: her prized possession, a large, framed photo of her kids when they were children. The original photo was damaged after a leak in the roof left visible drips and warped the surface. She gave me the original photo and asked me if I could possibly recreate all the sweetness it contained 🙂  I told her I could try.

The Goldenberg Children

I wanted each of their baby personalities to shine through in the portrait. At least how I imagined them so be. I have not painted a black-and-white image since I took beginning courses in college, so it was a fun challenge. One I’d be interested in trying again.

This painting remains one of my all-time favorites. I remember smiling and laughing at moments when I got something right. Walk up to the painting, lay down a stroke or two, then you stand back and its there and you just love it and everything is great in the world. The look on Danny’s little face especially (far right).

I can’t wait to paint lil Homer. All you friends sprouting lil ones too, I can see a lot of baby paintings in my future!

The Goldenberg ChildrenI’m open to all kinds of special commissions. Email: char.castillo.art@gmail.com

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